3 days Golden Ring tour

DURATION OF TOUR: 3 days/2 night

Program for 10-40 persons

Day 1

Arrival to Yaroslavl. Meeting with the guide at the railway station

City tour including a visit to the brewery with beer tasting 21+ brewery can be substituted for an excursion to Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve – (4,5 hours duration)

During the exursion you will see Strelka place (a place of merge of Volga an Kotorosl rivers), a monument to the 1000th anniversasy of Yaroslavl, monument tot the growling bear, the first Russian Volkov theater, monument of Yaroslavl the Wise, the Temple of Elijiah the Prophet (external examination), with is under UNESCO protection (unique frescoes of the XVII century), monastert of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (museum preserve) (without visiting).

You will see the brewety of the 21th centery internally, will visit main production halls, appraise modern brewing technologies, gain an insight into trick of foamy drink production. You will learn what malt and hops are needed to and other interesting facts from the brewing history.

At the end of the program you will have a chance to test different types of beer 21+

According to you preference a visit to brewery can be be substituted for an excursion to Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

Visiting of Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve including the «Treasure of Yaroslavl» exposition, meeting with a toll – one of the major regional museam in Russia. In its coprosition – monuments of architecture and painting, which are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The museum is located in the oldest ensemble of architecrutal monuments of the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (XIII-XX ), the pearl is the easliest stone church of Yaroslavl – Trahcfiguration Cathedral (1516 year).


Transfer to hotel. Accomodation.

Free time


Bus for 6 hours


Day 2

Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide in the hall of hotel.

Departure to Kostroma city (83 km)

Sightseeing tour of Kostroma with a visit to the Epiphany Monastery of St . Anastasia (2 hours duration)

The program of a sightseeing tour of the city includes a tour historical center of Kostroma. You will see shopping streets, a cheese exchange, a monument to the founder of the city - Yuri Dolgoruky, the Kostroma "frying pan" - several large streets and avenues of Kostroma originate from Ivan Susanin Square. It was found that the main square of the city resembles the shape of a frying pan, the handle of which is the central street. So, despite the official name, behind the square the nickname "Frying pan" was fixed.

Also during the tour you will visit the active Epiphany-Anastasin women's monastery, where the relic of the Russian land is kept - the Fedorov icon of the Mother of God.


Excursion to Kostroma Slodoba Wooden Architecture Museum (45 min duration)

At the walls of the Ipatiev monastery you can see a curious place, the wooden architecture museum called Kostroma Sloboda.

There had been moved there wooden churches, residential houses and outhouses from nearby villages.

Kostroma Sloboda Museum was created in 1955, when they began to bring to the walls of the Ipatiev monastery the most interesting items of the Russian wooden architecture.

This is a kind of village in which everything that has come down to us from the XVIII-XIX centuries is concentrated, not burnt in the fires, was not dismantled for firewood or broken. The streets of the village are the houses and buildings brought from the villages, but high domes of wooden churches and the wings of windmills are dominate over all.

Excursion to the museum of cheese with the interactive program 'Cheese stories' (with tasting) — (1 hour duration)

Kostroma cheese is famous all over Russia. As well as in other places people know and like this flavory cheese. Sometimes Kostroma is called the cheese capital of Russia.

There is an extensive exposition on the world history of cheese making, in the old merchant mansion of the end of the VIII century (the Revshikov house).

Cheesy sommelier, who knows so much about cheese, will guide you through the rooms of an old mansion, telling the most unusual facts about cheese and cheese making. Here you can not only see, but also participate in cheese games and activities.

Departure to Yaroslavl (83 km), return to hotel

Free time


Bus for Kostroma for 5 hours


Day 3

Breakfast in hotel. Check-out.

Excurcion to the Art Museum, interactive program at the Yaroslavl governors house — (1 hour).

Classical interiors of the inside of a buildings, a wounderful linden park, numerous exhibitions and most importantly – a rich collection of works by artists of the 18th and 20th centuries. Among which you can find B. Kustodiev and famous yaroslavl collection of paintings by K. Korovan. The Governor's House, built by the decree of Emperor Alexander I, served as the residence of Yaroslavl governors and the traveling palace of the emperor's people. Since 1970 this is the main building of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, there are expositions and exhibition halls, a place for concert programs and ceremonial receptions.

Excursion to the international creative center «Emalis» and pendant making workshop with kiln firing – (1-1,5 hours) for groups up to 20 people.

The international creative center «Emalis» is situated in the old city Yaroslavl on the riverbank Volga in the capital of «Golden Ring» - the ancient city Yaroslavl. «Emalis» invites you to visit the only museum of enamel ark with rish collection of works in Russia, which are created by the leader enamel artists from Russia and others counries. Under the guidence of the master, each guest will creat their own work of ark of such rear technique and then burn it in a muffle furnace.

If group is more than 20 people there is possibility to substitute «Emalis» center to tour to the Metropolitan's Chambers for more convenient excursion.

Excursion to the Metropolitan's Chambers with the program «The dispute about the beard» - for a group up to 20 people.

Includes authentic works from the museum collection, an animated film about a historical event and video art, representing "duscourse about the beard" of our contemporaries. Visitors will see the origial meseum action with original products of the XVIII-XX centuries, animation, music, light and sound.


Transfer to railway station.

End of the program at the railway station.

Bus for 5 hours


Cost of excursion for a tourist group in USD and EUR
Number of people in a group Foreigners (in EUR) China (in USD)
40 155 200
30 165 220
25 175 230
20 190 255
16 195 265
10 230 340

The price is per person in Russian Rub:

  • Russian, chinese or european (english, german, french, italian) speaking guide
  • Comfortable bus (for a group more than 16 people), minibus Mercedes sprinter (for a group up to 16 people)
  • City tours
  • Entrance tickets
  • Booking services
  • Priority pass to museums
  • 2 breakfast, 3 lunches, 2 dinner
  • accomodation in Yaroslavl «Lubim» 3* hotel in twin rooms (2 night)


  • Additional painment for single acomodation – 40€ or 50$ per person for a tour
  • The company reserves the right to change the order of the excursions without changing their quantity and quality. There is possibility to replace some excursions to the equivalent ones.
  • Railway tickets to Yaroslavl and back are paid additionally, the cost may vary, depending on the remaining tickets and dates.

From St. Petersburg

  • compartment - from 35€ or 40$
  • first-class saloon - from 90€ or 110$

From Yaroslavl to St. Petersburg

  • compartment - from 40€ or 45$
  • first-class saloon - from 90€ or 110$

From Moscow

  • compartment - from 25€ or 30$
  • first-class saloon - from 45€ or 55$

From Yaroslavl to Moscow

  • compartment - from 25€ or 30$
  • first-class saloon - from 45€ or 55$

Travel advisory:

  • You should have comfortable clothes and shoes (better without heels), to visit active temples and monasteries, ladies should have headdresses.
  • Please do not eat or litter on the bus.


Our managers will call you back as soon as possible and calculate free the price of TOUR!