Metro Tour and Old Arbat Street Walking Tour

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guide, entrance fees
Duration: 2 hours
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The Moscow Metro was designed not just to carry people but to showcase the achievements and possibilities of socialism. With over 260Km of track, sometimes as deep as 86 m, many of its stations are more like art museums or cathedrals. Built with the finest marble, wood, copper and bronze, brought from all over the Soviet Union, they display high arched ceilings supported on marble columns and are hung with massive chandeliers. Rich mosaics, sculptures and relief's depict great moments from Russian and Soviet history.
You will be taken to the pedestrian Old Arbat street and hear how the Old Arbat street is connected with the reign of Ivan the Terrible and gripping stories about oprichniks (they were a kind of force who used violent methods of enforcement and were responsible for the torture and murder of those whom Ivan the Terrible considered enemies). You will see the sumptuous "Prague Restaurant" that used to be a favorite place of Moscow’s nobility. Then you will see famous Vachtangov Theater and Pushkin’s apartment, where he and his wife spent their honeymoon.

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