Peterhof: Fountain park-and-palace ensemble

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Duration: 6 hours
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Peterhof is one of the most grandiose palace and park complex. Its picturesque parks and gardens, fabulous palaces and fountains are called “Russian Versailles”. Peterhof is the kingdom of fountains. There are 144 fountains, all operating without the use of pumps by a combination of naturally generated water pressure. Each fountain is unique and once you step in the area of the kingdom of fountains you will be surprised by this splendid oasis. Peterhof was the official imperial summer residence, the place where most important ceremonies and receptions of foreign heads of state were held there even under Peter I. You will make a fascinating tour of the Lower Park. Park is notable for its fountains, and the king's buildings, designed and executed in times of Peter the Great. You will also visit the Grand Palace - the main building of the Peterhof ensemble, built in the style of "Peter's baroque".

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