VIP Baikal - 8 days 7 nights

Duration of tour : 8 days / 7 nights

VIP Baikal 8 days 7 nights

Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk. Meeting with the guide in the airport. Transfer to the Listvyanka village on the Baikal’s shore (70 kilometers from Irkutsk). The road passes through the picturesque path, where beauties of Siberian forest can be already seen . Accommodation in the hotel.

Dinner, rest.

(Meals included : Dinner)

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel


Transfer to excursion in open Architectural – ethnographic museum “Taltsy” (47 km from Irkutsk) – unique collection of historical and cultural monuments of peoples, that inhabited Cisbaikalia in XIX – beginning of XX centuries. During excursion you will know more about daily life, tradition and customs of Russian settlers in those times. The whole museum is designed in the same style , the impression is , that you really walking through the streets , past the houses, schools and churches of those time.

Return to Listvyanka. Halt near the Shaman Stone – where Angara river flows out the lake Baikal.


Lunch in the restaurants with meals of Baikal cuisine

Excursion in Baikal Ecologic Museum with beautiful exposition about the flora and fauna of Lake and Cisbaikalia, that includes aquarium with inhabitants of the Baikal. Virtual dive to the bottom of the lake Baikal.

Visit of Show of Baikal seals – unique and quite charismatic inhabitants of the lake , that will leave no one indifferent! Guests, who once saw these animals with a charming snout and black bottomless eyes , will never forget them.

Walk on the aerial lift to the Stone of Czerski, with a wonderful view of Angara river source and Port Baikal. In case of fair weather you can even see Chamar - Daban range on the opposite shore of the lake from this point! Walk in village, visit to the functioning Orthodox church of the Saint Nischolas (XIX century), and visit to the fish and souvenir markets


Тransfer to the hotel. Dinner. (optional) (Meals included: breakfast, lunch)

Day 3

Breakfast in the hotel


Transfer to the Bolshaya Rechka village, where you will begin the exciting journey to visit the wild animals with the ATV / snowmobiles or with the jeeps. Experienced guides will instruct you how to behave with wild animals. Equipping of the group and distribution of the vehicles. During this day you will travel near the 70 km. of taiga. During the visit to the wild animals several descents and ascents are waiting for you , just like a mountain pass and the valley of the Krestovaya river where you will get opportunity to make picturesque photos. En route – several stops in the most favorite places.

Retiring from civilization and и poring over the hills, you will come to the valley of Bolshaya Rechka river. It is specially supervised preserved area, where population of wild Siberian animals is preserved. You will get the rare opportunity walk to the hoofed wild animals and watch them и from a distance of 10-15 meters without cages and aviaries. Lovers of rare photos , will be able to make a photo-session with animals or just make photo with animals on the background.

After this you will be provided with the hot lunch in the forester’s house or on the open air, with home cuisine and the tea with taiga herbs. Continuation of acquaintance with wild animals –the pedestrian walk to the boars. Here you will be also able to meet with them and watch them as close as possible.

Later in the afternoon – trip in the preserved area in look for the other taiga animals. During the observation of wild animals in natural surroundings you will get impressions and beautiful photos!


Transfer in Irkutsk. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner in the restaurant’s hotel.

(Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 4


After the breakfast – sightseeing tour in Irkutsk: visit to historical centre, to the place, where 300 years ago Irkutsk ostrog (fortress) was founded, embankment of Angara , visit to city’s architectural monuments. Excursion in Znamensky monastery , where one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Siberia is located, This monastery is also famous for iconostasis and as a burial place of Decembrists and Grigory Shelichov.


Lunch in the restaurant in the centre of the city

Excursion to the Decembrists’s museum

Thematic excursion to the mansion – cultural memorial, masterpiece of Siberian wooden architecture. Atmosphere of Russian hospitality will enfold the visitors. You will see the excursion in the house with a tale about the daily life of Russian people. You will take part in workshop in ceramics too. In the end of visit you will take part in the traditional Russian tea party.

Return to the hotel. Free time. Dinner (optional)

(Meals included: breakfast, lunch,)

Panzerkreuzer Aurora
Columna Rostrata

Day 5


After the breakfast – Transfer from Irkutsk to the Olhon Lake.

The road passes the picturesque foothills of the Baikal Range, Siberian taiga, that will be changed with the Mongol landscapes of the Tajeran steppes.

(Travel time to the ferry – 4 hours).

Ferry passage to the Olhon – the biggest of the 26 isles of the Baikal lake, geographical, historical and sacral centre of the lake. Even the geographic contours of the Olhon remind the Baikal lake.


Passage takes near 40 minutes.; you will see both “Seas” – Big and Small – two parts of Baikal , separated by Olkhon Island, and famous Baikal Gates Strait, that separates island and the mainland.

After the arrival – transfer to the tourist base (time of transfer – 1 hour). Accommodation in the hotel or in the recreation centre Lunch.


Sightseeing excursion in the surrounding area: walk in the Khuzhir village, visit to the holy place - cape Burkhan (Shaman Rock) – one of 9 sacred places of Asia, equally worshipped by the shamanists, Buddhists and the lamaists . Optionally – visit to the museum of local lore

Russian sauna (optionally – for additional payment ). Dinner in the or in the recreation centre. (Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 6


After the breakfast – transfer to the whole day excursion to the Cape Khoboy – northernmost point of the Baikal lake near the widest part of the Baikal.

During the travel you will be able to see all divercity of the Baikal landscapes, that are concentrated on the island: steppes with warm gulfs, sand dunes, mixed deciduous forests with the areas of the relict spruce forest, picturesque rocks on the marble shore, covered with red lichen

After the arrival to the cape – walk in the surrounding areas, during which guide will tell you about the local legends, customs and traditions, that are linked with this place.

Lunch – as a picnic on the open air.


Evening – return to the tourist base. Free time . Dinner. (Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 7

Breakfast on the tourist base.


Return to the Irkutsk with the already known road.

During the travel you will visit to the Ust - Ordynsky - capital of the Ust-Orda Buryat Okrug, which since 2006 is the part of the Irkutsk Oblast. There you will be provided with the excursion and entertainment: you will visit the museum of local lore , that will tell you about the culture, daily life, traditions and customs of the western buryats.


Lunch – authentic buryat cuisine.

Meeting with the true shaman, during which you can take part in the performance of the one on the old rituals.

  • For group of 1-5 persons .:

Workshop - cooking of traditional dishes – buuz – meal of buryat and Baikal cuisine , loved by local people. During this workshop experienced masters will learn you all the niceties of buuz cooking, and will tell you about the history of this meal

  • For group of 6-10 persons.:

You will see the concert of the local buryat folklore ensemble, during which you will hear traditional buryat songs, accompanied with the national musical instruments , will learn traditional “yohor” dance, and get unforgettable impressions


Return to the Irkutsk . Free time. Dinner in the city (optional).

(Meals included: breakfast, lunch)

Day 8

Breakfast in hotel.

Transfer to the airport. Flight from Irkutsk to Germany via Moscow.

(Meals included – breakfast)

Prices of program (without accommodation)

Number of persons Prices in EUR (Prices are valid for English, German, French- speaking guides)
1 3665
2 2165
3 1675
4 1415
5 1265
6 1245
7 1150
8 1105
9 1050
10 1005

Price includes:

  • Transfer Airport – Hotel – Airport
  • German-speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets in the museums according the program
  • Transport according the route
  • Meals according the program

Price do not includes:

Air flights Moscow – Irkutsk – Moscow

Tickets to air flight cost from 500 EUR per person both ways

Tips for guide or driver

Guides with European languages except the English, French and German are provided by request


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